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Recensioner av "Minefield"

Det har dykt upp några recensioner av förra veckans Enterprise- avsnitt "Minefield":

"All in all Minefield is a decent enough action episode but spends too much time on a repetitive Reed storyline too reminiscent of Shuttlepod One and never gives the Romulans anything interesting to do."

- SyFy Portal
"I watched the episode twice - and I couldn't find a single thing I didn't like about this episode"

- StarfleetCom.Net
"The special f/x in this episode were top-notch. The shots of the ship after it was damaged and of the Captain and Reed on the hull were splendid. The story, although predictable was entertaining."

"VIFX continue to make Enterprise one of the best looking shows on TV and space helmets off to Foundation Imaging for their work in blowing a hole in Enterprise"

(Recensionerna samlades från början ihop av TrekToday.)
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