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  1. Lägg också märke till att en av gevinsterna är en bit av Seven of Nines uniform! ;) Denna: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_h5jxkcd8r0Y/SHveygneBGI/AAAAAAAAAIY/91B6lVKixBE/s320/Seven%2520of%2520nine.jpg
  2. Tänkte posta en lite speciell sak som nog är lite tidkrävande att läsa igenom, men som är hela grunden til gatekeeper filmen och ett fantastisk stycke arbete av 4Father Barbara Adams. Den visar hela tidslinjen från Voyager's Kathryn Janeway till Elisabeth Janeway mer än 500 år efter. Den innhåller många godbiter för de av er som är lite extra observanta: 568000.01 (2892): The Gatekeeper Station opens. 566609.2: Katrina Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. / 565774.6: Alexander Denman dies. 566022.1 (2890): Elisabeth Janeway is put in command of the project to oversee the construction of the Quadrants largest spacestation, designed by her grandfather, which she will also be the Commanding Officer after its completion, due to the circumstances of why the station must be built. This station will serve as a port of call since so many have been coming to visit the Nexus since it appeared three years earlier and became stationary over Mars. 563633.6: Utopia Planitia shipyard must be evacuated and the station is condemned by United Federation of Planets President, Sedak. Plans are initiated to move the shipyard to orbit the Dwarf planet, Ceres, which was distorted by the Nexus approach, expediting the urgent terraforming process. 563632.8: Captain Elisabeth Janeway was heading for Sector 001 to Utopia Planitia for a systems upgrade when sensors detected a sudden shift of the inhabited planet in a nearby system. This shift caused catastrophic climate change and massive earthquakes. The government sent out a general distress call to any starship able to help evacuate since some of the planets own interplanetary ships were now damaged by the earthquakes. Rarely are Starships near sector 001 so only three ships responded including Capt. Elisabeth Janeway on the U.S.S. Novikov. 563121.4 (2887): Elisabeth Janeway is promoted to Captain and given the U.S.S. Novikov. 562674.2 (2886): Katrina Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. / 562895.4: Joseph Denman dies. 559326.6 (2883): Jonathan Janeway dies of natural heart failure. / 559326.61 Lieutenant Elisabeth Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy, class Valedictorian. 556674.2 (2880): Elisabeth Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 552898.6 (2876): Christopher Janeway is born to Arild and Christina. 545118.6 (2869) Arild Janeway is Promoted to Captain of the U.S.S. Veridian. 544631.5 (2868): Katrina Janeway is born to Arild and Christina. 539276.9 (2863): Elisabeth Janeway is born to Arild and Christina. 536571.4 (2860): Cmdr. Arild Janeway marries Christina McCoy. / 536655.1: Benita Frakil-Denman dies. 532973.5 (2856): Arild Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. 530326.7 (2854): Kendra Elise graduates Starfleet Academy. / 530655.1: Jonesah Korge dies. 529674.2 (2853): Arild enters Starfleet Academy, excels at Astrophysics. 526674.3 (2850): Kendra Elise enters Starfleet Academy. Amb. Jonathan Janeway begins design of a massive space station as a hobby. 523448.2 (2847): Raul Denman dies. 518637.4 (2842): Raymond Janeway is born to Marcus and Evelyn. / 518842.1: Stephen dies after toxic gas damage destroys his nervous system. 515334.8 (2839): Stephen retires as nerve damage renders him unable to work. 514849.1 (2838): Stephanie Janeway is born to Marcus and Evelyn. 512872.1(2836): Arild Janeway is born to Jonathan and Harald. 511034.6 (2835): Stephen exposed to toxic gas during a rescue operation. / 511774.2: Marcus Janeway marries Evelyn Chau. 509473.1 (2833): Sovahn (TLorrs son) dies. 508027.6 (2832): Jonathan elected Governor of Mars. / 508673.8 Kendra Elise is born to Jonathan and Harald. 507824.5 (2831): Marcus promoted to Cmdr.; First Officer U.S.S. Drake. 506449.1 (2830): Amb. Jonathan Janeway and Harald Pedersen wed. 504114.6 (2828): Jonathan Janeway is named Ambassador to Mars. 503544.6 (2827): Jonathan Janeway retires from Starfleet after a distinguished career. Meets with Harald Pedersen to discuss ambassadorial position on Mars. 495973.5 (2819): Marcus Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. 493341.6(2817): Derrick Janeway dies. / 493997.1 Greta Janeway-Frakil dies. 492003.6 (2816): Marcus Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 486472.3 (2810): Amb. Hovar Korge dies of old age at home on Trill. 481774.5 (2805): Erik Janeway dies of old age at home. 473335.2 (2797): Cmdr. Kendra Janeway is killed during a rescue mission on Grendala Prime. / 473922.4: Marcus Janeway is born to Stephen and Helene. 472665.3 (2796): Commodore Gregor Janeway dies of fatal weather exposure during a training mission, all cadets are rescued. 470674.2 (2794): Joseph Denman enters Starfleet Academy. 469249.1 (2793): Stephen Janeway marries Helene Forbes. 468405.4 (2792): Alexander Denman enters Starfleet Academy. / 468766.0 Vakaris (Shenkars daughter) dies. 466553.8 (2790): Jonathan Janeway promoted to Captain of the U.S.S. Putin. 462006.3 (2786): Benita adopts Rauls sons, Alexander and Joseph. 460934.8 (2784): Stephen Janeway promoted to Captain, U.S.S. Lisbon. / 466752.1: Cmdr. Benita Frakil marries Cmdr. Raul Denman (widower with two sons). 459006.3 (2783): Gregor Janeway promoted to Commandant, Starfleet Academy. 458326.7 (2782): Lt. (jg) Kendra Janeway graduates from Starfleet Academy. 454624.9 (2778): Kendra enters Starfleet Academy. / 454819.4 Sevok (Shenkars son) dies. 452609.2 (2776): Lt. (jg) Jonathan Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. 448406.6 (2772): Stephen Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. / 448674.2: Jonathan Janeway Enters Starfleet Academy at 16. 444441.6 (2768): Stephen Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 437441.6 (2761): Kendra Janeway is born to Erik and Brenda. 436973.5 (2760): Benita Frakil graduates Starfleet Academy. 433003.6 (2757): Benita Frakil enters Starfleet Academy. / 433006.3: Vpar dies. 432244.8 (2756): Jonathan Janeway is born to Erik and Brenda. 430266.8 (2754): Sevah dies. 426041.6 (2750): Stephen Janeway is born to Derrick and Paula. / 426121.8: TLorr dies. / 426775.4: VohKar Ramsey dies. 424554.3 (2748): Erik Janeway marries Brenda Powell. 422668.9 (2746): Varis dies. / 422982.4: Klaat Ramsey dies. 419646.2 (2743): Derrick Janeway marries Paula Simpson. / 419812.3: KohMar Walker dies. 415011.4 (2739): Benita Frakil born to Greta and Bedros. / 415889.2: Shenkar (Bierman) dies. 414112.8 (2738): Geneviéve Janeway dies. 413228.9 (2737): Greta Janeway marries Bedros Frakil. / 413369.7 Lt. Mia Ramsey-Korge dies in the line of duty. / 413884.7: Frederick Janeway dies. 407326.7 (2731): Jonesah Korge born to Mia and Hovar. 405326.7 (2729): Derrick Janeway graduates from Starfleet Academy. 404664.7 (2728): Erik promoted to Captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior. / 403879.8: Mia Ramsey marries (Trill) Hovar Korge. 403297.4 (2727): Hunter Ramsey dies. / 402899.1: Capt. Michelle Janeway dies, her environmental suit is damaged during external repairs in an asteroid field. 401674.3 (2725): Derrick Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 399274.6 (2723): Lt. Mia Ramsey promoted to Security Chief, U.S.S. Khitomer. 396609.2 (2720): Erik Janeway graduates from Starfleet Academy. 392674.4 (2716): Erik Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 390326.7 (2714): Gregor and Greta graduate Starfleet Academy. / 390609.2: Mia Ramsey graduates Starfleet Academy. / 390788.5: Fiona Janeway dies. 387331.7 (2711): Tokar dies at home. / 387755.9: Kendall Janeway dies of radiation poisoning on Gamma Triangula repairing a reactor. 386406.2 (2710): Gregor and Greta Janeway enter Starfleet Academy. / 389673.4: Mia Ramsey enters Starfleet Academy. 385229.2 (2709): Michelle Janeway is promoted to Capt., U.S.S. Ajax 383279.3 (2707): Derrick Janeway is born to Michelle (and Derrick). / 386557.4: Koral Walker dies. 382644.1 (2706): Michelle Janeways fiancé, Derrick Randolph, is killed only a month after learning she was pregnant. 378931.9 (2702): Thor Ramsey dies due to cranial injuries. 377455.2 (2701): Geneviéve Janeway promoted to Admiral. / 377895.2: Vilkam (Bierman) dies at home on Vulcan. 375755.4 (2699): Erik Janeway is born to Kendall and Amanda. 374077.3 (2698): Frederick Janeway is promoted to Admiral. / 374788.6: Illara Reges dies. 372131.9 (2696): Erica Lyna Reges dies. 368411.8 (2692): Gregor and Greta Janeway are born to Kendall and Amanda. / 368649.3: Mia Ramsey is born to Hunter and Ingrid. 367131.9 (2691): Dr. Kadein Reges dies. / 367599.1 Tahna Bdeil dies. 366406.4 (2690): Kendall Janeway Graduates Starfleet Academy. / 366665.9: Hunter Ramsey marries Dr. Ingrid Gustafson 18 months after fatal injury. 365165.6 (2689): Capt. Hunter Ramsey is fatally injured. / 365998.3: Kanka Walker-Ramsey dies. 364517.6 (2688): Kendall Janeway Marries Amanda Kim. 363406.1 (2687): Michelle Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. / 363571.6: Kothar Walker dies. 362624.4 (2686): Kendall Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. / 362884.1 Jason Richards dies. 359001.1 (2683): Gamma Terris quarantine is lifted. / 359406.1: Michelle Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. / 359494.3 VohKar marries (half Klingon) Phaedra. 348665.4 (2672): Frederick Janeway is promoted to Capt., U.S.S. Cairo. 344578.1 (2668): Kendall Janeway is born to Frederick and Jaime. / 344882.3: Michelle Scott-Janeway dies. 341037.9 (2665): Michelle Janeway is born to Frederick and Jaime. 340233.1 (2664): Frederick Janeway marries Jaime Burton. 339609.2 (2663): Klaat Ramsey graduates Starfleet Academy. / 339668.7: Geneviéve Janeway is promoted to Captain, U.S.S. Agamemnon. / 339741.1: Frederick Janeway is promoted to Commanding Officer, Deep Space 25 335674.2 (2659): Klaat Ramsey enters Starfleet Academy. 333168.1 (2657): Reese Walker-Reges dies. 330609.2 (2654): Frederick Janeway Graduates Starfleet Academy. 327609.2 (2651): Geneviéve Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. 326674.2 (2650): Frederick Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 325778.2 (2649): Charles Janeway dies. 323674.2 (2647): Geneviéve Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. / 323994.1: VohKar Ramsey born to Thor and Kahtal. 320332.5 (2644): Layla Thurman-Richards dies. / 320889.8: Greta dies in a shuttle accident. / 320973.5: KohMar graduates Starfleet Academy. 317003.6 (2641): KohMar enters Starfleet Academy. / 317115.8: Hunter Ramsey is promoted to Capt., U.S.S. Samurai. / 317761.8: Klaat Ramsey born to Thor and Kahtal. 316055.6 (2640): Thor Ramsey marries (Klingon) Kahtal. 315885.3 (2639): Tahna Ram dies. 313422.1 (2637): Kent Thurman dies. 311248.5 (2635): Douglas Bierman dies. / 311973.5: Thor Ramsey graduates Starfleet Academy. 310609.2 (2634): Hunter Ramsey graduates Starfleet Academy. 309003.6 (2633): Thor Ramsey enters Starfleet Academy. / 309668.4: Richard Walker dies. / 309822.1: Amb. Tahna Pila dies. 308881.2 (2632): Frederick Janeway is born to Fiona and Greta. 306674.2 (2630): Hunter Ramsey enters Starfleet Academy. 305887.1 (2629): Fiona Janeway promoted to Chief Medical Officer U.S.S. Voyager. / 305981.4 Geneviéve Janeway is born to Fiona and Greta. 303163.4 (2627): Tahna Mikos dies. 300406.4 (2624): Fiona Janeway Enters Starfleet Medical Residency. / 300788.4: Fiona Janeway marries Greta Herrvolt. 297674.2 (2621): Fiona Janeway and Koral Walker enters Starfleet Academy. / 297900.7: KohMar Walker born to Kothar and BerChul. 291036.2 (2615): Thor Ramsey born to Kanka and James. / 291663.9: Kothar Walker marries (Klingon) BerChul. 288483.7 (2612): Hunter Ramsey born to Kanka and James. 285221.9 (2609): Edwin Janeway dies. / 285226: Joqul Walker is killed. 284373.3 (2608): Kanka Walker marries James Ramsey. 281326.7 (2605): Tahna Bdeil graduates Starfleet Academy. 279464.6 (2603): Koral Walker born to Kothar and Joqul. / 279657.8 Fiona Janeway born to Charles and Michelle. 278326.7 (2602): Illara Reges graduates Starfleet Academy. / 278806.1: Kothar Walker marries (Klingon) Joqul. 277405.4 (2601): Tahna Bdeil enters Starfleet Academy. 276001.6 (2600): Charles Janeway marries Michelle Scott. / 276326.7: Kadein Reges graduates Starfleet pre-med (on Gamma Terris). 274405.5 (2598): Illara Reges enters Starfleet Academy (on Gamma Terris). 273326.7 (2597): Erica Lyna Reges graduates Starfleet Academy (on Gamma Terris). 272405.5 (2596): Kadein Reges enters Starfleet Academy, studies medicine (on Gamma Terris). 269405.5 (2593): Erica Lyna Reges enters Starfleet Academy (on Gamma Terris). 262405.5 (2586): Jason Richards enters Starfleet Academy. / 262422.9: Samantha Logan-Thurman dies. 259162.9 (2583): William Bierman dies. / 259334.1: Tahna Bdeil is born to Ram and Yarin. 257866.4 (2581): Erica Janeway-Walker succumbs to fatal Gamma T infection and dies. Her vaccine saves millions and prevents further illness. 2565441.7 (2580): Tahna Ram marries (Bajoran) Mara Yarin. / 256987.8: Illara Reges is born to Reese and Omu. 254477.8 (2578): Kadein Reges is born to Reese and Omu. / 254960.1: Clifford Thurman is born to Kent and Hannah. 252127.5 (2576): Kanka Walker is born to Richard and (Klingon) TKal. / 252334.6: Michael Bierman dies. 251117.5 (2575): Erica Lyna Reges is born to Reese and Omu. / 251391.9: Kenneth Thurman dies. / 251981.2: Kent Thurman marries Hannah Rebsemen. 249727.5 (2573): Kothar Walker is born to Richard and TKal. 248641.2 (2572): Charles Janeway promoted to Chief Engineer U.S.S. Hood. / 248756.4: Tahna Pila is named Earths Ambassador to Bajor. 246001.1 (2570): Vaccine trials begin on Gamma Terris after medications have proved to hinder fatal symptoms. / 246668.4: Reese Walker marries Dr. Omu Reges. 245114.7 (2569): Dr. Erica Janeway-Walker is stricken with the Gamma T Infection. / 245773.2: Richard Walker marries (Klingon) TKal. 244220.8 (2568): Jason Richards born to Layla and Nathan. 242609.2 (2566): Charles Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. 241018.4 (2565): Layla Thurman marries Nathan Richards. 240018.4 (2564): Dr. Omu Reges begins working with Dr. Janeway-Walker. 239326.7 (2563): Orion, Omu Reges graduates medical school and requests entrance to quarantined, Gamma Terris Colony. 238674.2 (2562): Charles Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. / 238833.1: Dr. Gail Logan dies. 233276.7 (2557): Terrence Walker dies of the dreaded infection. 232326.7 (2556): Richard Walker graduates Starfleet Academy. / 232892.4: Christopher Logan dies. 230326.7 (2554): Kent Thurman graduates Starfleet Academy. 228003.6 (2552): Richard Walker enters Starfleet Academy. / 228119.4: Gamma Terris is quarantined, no Colonist is permitted to leave. 226003.6 (2550): Kent Thurman enters Starfleet Academy. / 226609.2: Layla Thurman and Tahna Ram graduate. 222076.1 (2546): Kathryn Bierman-Calla dies of respiratory failure. / 222672.1: Philip Paul Bierman dies of natural organ failure. / 222674.2: Layla Thurman enters Starfleet Academy. Tahna Ram enters Bajoran Space Academy. 221237.5 (2545): Reese Walker is born to Erica and Terrence. / 221405.4: Varis enters Starfleet Academy. 220587.6 (2544): Charles Janeway is born to Edwin and Marlene. / 220623.7: Tahna Bdeil succumbs to fatal nervous system injury. / 220674.2: Shenkar enters Starfleet Academy. 219326.7 (2543): Douglas Bierman graduates Starfleet Academy. 217044.8 (2541): Dr. Erica Walker recognizes a disturbing rise in victims to the unknown disease in the Gamma Terris Colony, some families start sending their children to live with relatives elsewhere. 215405.5 (2539): Douglas Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. / 215662.1: Edwin Janeway given command of U.S.S. Titan. / 215773.2: Edwin Janeway marries Marlene Newkirk. 214387.5 (2538): Tahna-Calla Marie is killed. / 214540.8: Gamma Terris colonist dies of unknown illness, Dr. Erica Janeway-Walker troubled. 213922.7 (2537): Reese Thalheimer-Janeway dies. 211188.1 (2535): Sevah and Vpar born to Tokar and Stebok. 210014.6 (2534): Richard Terrence Walker is born to Erica and Terrence. / 210835.4: TLorr born to Vilkam and TPor. 208000.1 (2532): Kent Thurman born to Samantha and Kenneth. 206868.4 (2530): Dr. Erica Janeway marries Gamma Terris Governor Terrence Walker. 205099.1 (2529): Tracy Bierman-Logan dies. 204151.6 (2528): Tahna Ram is born to Mikos and Lol. / 204739.8: Layla Thurman born to Samantha and Kenneth. 203336.9 (2527): Varis born to Tokar and Stebok. / 203654.4: Gregory Janeway dies. / 203788.3: Dr. Erica Janeway transfers to the new Gamma Terris colony. / 203962.2: Tahna Mikos marries (Bajoran) Krim Lol. 202326.7 (2526): Tahna Pila graduates Starfleet Academy. / 202753.7 Tokar Bierman marries (Vulcan) Stebok. / 202827.4 Shenkar Bierman is born to Vilkam and TPor. 201981.7 (2525): Vilkam Bierman marries (Vulcan) TPor. 200012.4 (2524): Colonists leave for Gamma Terris, led by architect and Governor-elect Terrence Walker (the first of his direct family to leave Earths system). 199978.7 (2523): Samantha Logan marries Kenneth Thurman. 198114.3 (2522): Edwin Janeway promoted to Cmdr. First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Titan. / 198405.4: Tahna Pila enters Starfleet Academy. / 198877.3: Samuel Bierman dies. 197406.4 (2521): Douglas Bierman born to Michael and Heather. / 197973.5: Tahna Mikos graduates. 196406.4 (2520): Erica Janeway enters Starfleet Academy; studies medicine. 195609.2 (2519): Tokar Bierman Graduates Starfleet Academy. 194003.6 (2518): Tahna Mikos studies at Bajor Space Academy. / 194968.5: Dennis Logan dies at 98. 192045.1 (2516): Michael Bierman marries Heather Beckman. / 192968.5: Edwin graduates with Honors. 191674.2 (2515): Tokar Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. 189003.6 (2513): Edwin Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 186973.5 (2510): Vilkam Bierman Graduates Starfleet Academy. 183003.5 (2507): Vilkam Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. 180181.4 (2504): Tahna Pila is born to Marie and Bdeil. 178011.2 (2502): Erica Janeway is born to Andrea (and Richard). / 178973.5: Samantha Logan graduates Starfleet Academy. 177118.7 (2501): Richard promoted to captain U.S.S. Titan. / 177684.3: Richard Janeway dies after prolonged exposure to plasma repairing a Space Station power supply. / 177940.7: Tahna Mikos is born to Marie and Bdeil. 175003.6 (2499): Samantha Logan enters Starfleet Academy. 174122.8 (2498): Calla Marie marries (Bajoran) Tahna Bdeil. 172752.9 (2496): Tokar Bierman is born to William and TKeris. 171872.5 (2495): Edwin Janeway is born to Richard and Andrea. 169341.4 (2493): Richard marries Andrea Markson. 167973.5 (2491): Calla Marie graduates Starfleet. 166326.7 (2490): Richard Janeway graduates Starfleet. 164146.7 (2488): William Bierman marries (Vulcan) TKeris. / 164331.7: Edward Hyden Janeway dies. / 164405.5: Calla Marie enters Starfleet Academy. / 164979.02: Vilkam Bierman is born to William and TKeris. 161405.4 (2486): Richard Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. / 161887.4: Gregory Janeway promoted to Admiral. / 161973.5: Michael Bierman graduates Starfleet Academy. 159973.5 (2484): William Bierman graduates Starfleet Academy. 158003.6 (2483): Michael Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. / Christopher Logan promoted to Security Chief, U.S.S. Gorkon. 156020.3 (2481): Samantha Logan born to Christopher and Clifford. 155072.2 (2480): Dr. Gail Logan promoted to Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S. Cairo. / 155674.2 William Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. 151271.3 (2476): Ronald Edward Bierman dies of respiratory failure. / Lt. Christopher Logan marries Clifford Sammons. 147326.7 (2472): Dr. Gail Logan graduates Residency, posted to U.S.S. Viko. 146609.2 (2471): Christopher Logan graduates Starfleet Academy. 145224.1 (2470): Calla Marie born to Kathryn and Ren. 144609.2 (2469): Gail Logan Graduates Starfleet Pre-Med. / 144989.5: Tracy Bierman-Logan promoted to Commanding Officer of Morex Fleetyard. 143112.7 (2468): Richard Janeway born to Gregory and Reese. / 143872.4: Philip Bierman dies of natural organ failure. 142204.7 (2467): Kathryn Bierman marries (Bajoran) Calla Ren. / 142674.2: Christopher Logan enters Starfleet Academy. 140005.1 (2465): Michael Bierman born to Samuel and Leigh. / 140674.2: Gail Logan enters Starfleet Academy, studies medicine. / 141513.4: Gregory Janeway promoted to Captain, U.S.S. Essex. 137074.2 (2462): Samuel Bierman promoted to Captain, U.S.S. Aries. / 137952.7: William Bierman born to Samuel and Leigh. 136889.4 (2461): Reese is severely injured in an explosion while 12 weeks pregnant. Infant dies. 134125.9 (2459): Reese has to terminate her pregnancy at 18 weeks after she is exposed to a toxic substance that is fatal to the fetus during a planetary expedition. / 134271.4: Philip Paul Bierman graduates Starfleet Academy. 132420.7 (2457): Gregory Janeway marries Reese Thalheimer. 131109.7 (2456): Tracy Bierman-Logan promoted to Chief Engineer. / 131231.6: Samuel Bierman marries Leigh Dearborn. / 132326.7: Kathryn Bierman graduates. 130014.1 (2455): Philip Paul Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. 129335.8 (2454): Gregory Janeway promoted to First Officer, U.S.S. Montana. 127405.4 (2452): Kathryn Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. 126668.1 (2451): Cdt. Kathryn Lee Janeway is killed when a younger cadet collides with her shuttle. Her efforts saved the other cadets life. 124201.9 (2449): Phoebe Janeway-Bierman dies at home. / 124579.1: Christopher Logan born to Tracy and Dennis. 123003.6 (2448): Kathryn Lee Janeway enters Starfleet. / 125687.8: Samuel Bierman promoted to First Officer, U.S.S. Aries. 122557.6 (2447): Gail Logan born to Tracy and Dennis. / 122973.5: Gregory Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. 120609.2 (2445): Tracy Bierman graduates Starfleet Academy. / 120841.3: Tracy Bierman marries Dennis Logan. 119674.2 (2444): Gregory Janeway Enters Starfleet Academy. 116674.2 (2441): Tracy Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. / 116973.5: Samuel Bierman graduates Starfleet Academy. 115677.2 (2440): Kathryn Janeway dies at 106 after fighting a terminal illness. 113003.6 (2438): Samuel Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. / 113414.7 Edward Hyden is promoted to Admiral. 112116.1 (2437): Philip Paul Bierman is born to Philip and Lucy. / 112777.3: Ronald Bierman, Phoebes husband, dies. 109290.6 (2434): Kathryn Bierman born to Philip and Lucy. 108511.1 (2433): Philip Bierman marries Lucy Wyman. 105551.8 (2430): Kathryn Lee Janeway is born to Edward Hyden and Lesley. 101877.4 (2426): Gregory Janeway born to Edward Hyden and Lesley. 98721.3 (2423): Tracy Bierman born to Ronald Edward & Valerie. 97001.2 (2422): Sandra Anderson-Bierman ends her life. / 97431.4: Edward Hyden Janeway marries Lesley Cooper. 95002.8 (2420): Samuel Bierman born to Ronald Edward & Valerie. 93944.6 (2418): Ronald Edward Bierman marries Valerie Lloyd. 91010.98 (2416): Sandra Anderson-Bierman divorces Philip. 89001.2 (2414): Paul Bierman dies in a climbing accident. 88214.7 (2413): Edward Hyden Janeway is promoted to Captain; U.S.S. Norway. 84102.2 (2409): Cmdr. Philip Bierman promoted to C.O. Deep Space Six. 76973.5 (2401): Edward Hyden Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy. 74003.6 (2398): Edward Hyden Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 72943.4 (2396): Paul Bierman born to Philip & Sandra. 71021.9 (2395): Lt. Philip Bierman transfers to Deep Space Six. 68173.3 (2392): Philip Bierman marries Sandra Anderson. 65609.2 (2389): Philip Bierman Graduates Starfleet Academy. 64326.7 (2387): Ronald Edward Bierman Graduates Starfleet Academy. 62674.2 (2385): Philip Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. 60406.4 (2383): Ronald Edward Bierman enters Starfleet Academy. 57874.6 (2380): Edward Hyden Janeway is Born to Kathryn. 55001.8 (2378): Kathryn Janeway promoted to Admiral. 54973.4 (2377): Kathryn Janeway brings Voyager back from Delta Quadrant. 48000.01 (2371): Mark Johnson asks Kathryn Janeway to marry him. / 48315.6: Kathryn Janeway promoted to Captain U.S.S. Voyager. 44922.1 (2367): Philip Bierman is born to Phoebe and Ronald. 42115.6 (2365): Ronald Edward Bierman is born to Phoebe and Ronald. 40326.6 (2363): Phoebe becomes a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 39745.8 (2362): Phoebe Janeway marries Ronald Bierman. 37326.7 (2360): Phoebe graduates as a veterinary technician. 33326.7 (2356): Kathryn Janeway graduates. / 33621.4: Edward Janeway dies when the prototype he designed crashes. Pilot; Lt. Justin Tighe, Kathryns fiancé, is also killed. 29405.4 (2352): Kathryn Janeway Enters Starfleet Academy. 15881.4 (2338): Phoebe Janeway is born to Edward and Gretchen. 11722.4 (2334): Kathryn Janeway is born to Edward and Gretchen.
  3. Det är händer inte så ofta att det är ett stort problem - hittill i alla fall! Om det är Martin som fixar ska det stå ett medelande. Annars har vi ju också Facebook, som du ju menar är ett samhälle för barn och ungdom. ;)
  4. Skuttar in för att medela att Gatekeeper sidan och forumet kommer vara nere lite nu och då eftersom vi jobbar med att ändra/bygga ut innan 7 oktober! (servern har haft lite problem också en gång ibland, men vi jobbar på saken)
  5. De flesta tycker nog teasers är dåliga för att man inte får se så mycket som man önskar! hehe Vår teaser kommer visa hur Borgerna och Darth Vader möttes, och kommer nog inte visa så mycket som man gärna vill se. men som du vet har vi inte börjat spela in än (slutet av november är första inspelning) så teasern är nödvändigvis CGI (3D)!
  6. Vå teaser kommer redan i år, och vi hoppas vara klar med den till vår Kick-off. Ni kommer då kunna se den på vår kommande hemsida. En trailer däremot är mycket längre och mer detaljerad än en teaser - som i detta fall varar en minut. Trailern är hela 5-10 minuter lång, eftersom vi har vald att använda filmens öppningssekvens i sin helhet som trailer.
  7. Ny teaser poster från gatekeeper med tid för första stora trailer. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2871880&l=ab791e14c9&id=558121422 Är postad i lite större format på Gatekeeper sidan!
  8. Forumet var under construction i två dagar! Nu ska det funka!
  9. Ja. Du hittar den på Gatekeeper forumet i hög upplösning - i tråden Production!
  10. Gatekeepers tre posters (en för varje akt). http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2833781&l=960615c0c5&id=558121422
  11. Från Facebook: Designed by Thomas Dahl. CGI modelled and printed on a 3D printer by Robert Gustafson from 3D Medialab. This is the late 29th Century Starfleet Badge (top badge), and the badges for our eight Gatekeeper members. We will also produce ten more Starfleet badges for our station officers, and a number of alien badges. Länk: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2800061&l=aaa3c05d9f&id=558121422
  12. Kan ju påpeka att skrivfelet i postern är ändrat i originalet!
  13. Från Facebook: The last Gatekeeper poster is now presented on the TSS home page. The poster is from the end of the second Act and presents the Borg Queen base with a destroyer droid on it's way over the edge. The reason we have three posters is that the movie will be presented in three parts - not counting the opening and vignette sequence - which will be presented as trailers.The posters are therefore presenting scenes from each part of the movie. The "Making of" part is a VERY thorough ABC in how to go about creating a MTC or a fan production from scratch. TSS (Trekkers in Southern part of Sweden) is a Gatekeeper sponsor and the poster will not be posted on any other forum or web page in another week or so! The group is one of many separate Trekker groups in Sweden. To see the poster visit their page here: http://www.tss.st
  14. Gatekeeper badgerna är klara: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2776552&l=58f46a0fff&id=558121422 PS! Omålade prototypes!
  15. Gatekeepers poster 3 presenteras med all sannolikhet först på TSS sin hemsida, och kommer ligga där en vecka innan den postas på Facebook, Gatekeeper forumet, Trekkers Norge forumet och på Databasen! Postern är klar denna veckan!
  16. Ibland klipper och limmar jag bara för att spara tid!
  17. Ladies and Gentlemen - the first two official posters for Gatekeeper: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2740789&l=905c4d572c&id=558121422
  18. Gatekeepers nya poster visar en scen från filmens slut där Vader's Borg-inspirerade Death Star skyddas av två täta ringar av Borg Spheres och TIE Fighters. Ni hittar den på Gatekeeper forumet och Trekkers Norge forumet. Hoppas den smakar!
  19. Här är Gatekeepers PADDs! Kommer inte att zoomas in på i denna filmen, så de bör fungera bra som de är. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2732767&l=85d992d0ba&id=558121422 PS! Ny poster på väg, med bild av Vaders nya Borg inspirerade Death Star!
  20. Från vår preliminära Facebook sida: TSS - Trekkers i Södra Sverige (Trekkers in Southern Sweden) has just sponsored the film production with 10 000 Swedish crowns, which will be used for costumes for our first shoot, our new PADDs, the badge prototypes (3D printer), materials for the stone monster and carnivore plants, green screen fabrics and a plane ticket for Mark Allen Shepherd. We are utmost grateful. They also chose to send the sponsorship to our private account instead of our official organization account which means we do not need to pay the same kind of taxes we would otherwise. This part alone will pay for our green screen fabrics. The reason why we would otherwise pay taxes is that we give a lot back to all our sponsors, and as this is profitable for the sponsor there's taxes involved. If YOU would like to be part of the production, which is to be the biggest international MTC production, there are information about this in the Discussion Board. You may also contact me directly. ____ Kommentar: Som ni vet startade vi denna produktionen i hopp om att engagera hela Star Trek miljön i Norden - som skådespelare, artister - men också på producent sidan. Om ni som driver olika Trekker/Sci-Fi grupper tror ni kan klara av några småkronor för att vara med på listan över sponsorer eller med-producenter, så hoppas jag ni ta kontakt med mig! Vi ger en HEL DEL tillbaka för att göra detta lönsamt för alla våra sponsorer.
  21. 1. Ja, du kan vara med på filmen om du är under 15! Även om den har en del spännande action är den på inget vis en typ av film som vill reflektera negativt på dig eller din familj! Du kan vara statist - och även ha repliker OM du pratar bra engelska och passar i en av rollerna. 2. Den ska spelas in i: - Stockholm: Green Screen Studio, Miniature Studio och Locations. - Oslo: Vigelandsparken och Oslo Opera - Stavanger: Prekestolen - Finse: Där Star Wars spelade in sina vinterscener.
  22. James Cawley önskas inte som skådespelare i Gatekeeper. pga. flera mail från Star Trek skådespelare och produsenter som varnar oss från att använda Cawley. Vi har skickat en trevlig mail till honom och sagt att det tyvärr inte blir möjligt för oss att samarbeta med honom under Gatekeeper. Cawley beskrivs av dessa som en helt annan person bak kulisserna, och historierna vi serveras är hårresande (vi har kontrollerat att dessa är riktiga för säkerhets skuld). Vi har samtalet med hans kompisar om detta (Bobby Rice, J.T. Tepnapa och Adam Browne) och dessa har full förståelse för problemet, och kommer absolut inte dra sig ur pga. vår avgörelse. PS! Gör ingen artickel om detta på framsidan! Viktigt att inte skapa en konflikt!
  23. Act 1 will be removed Monday! Here's the first part (of 2) of the 2nd Act: ___ Act Two Sequence 1/ Scene 1 Fade from black Close up of a circle of light in the middle of a stone floor, and several smaller circles around it. Sparks appears over one of the circles and hundreds of small spheres appear - spiraling upwards while the camera follows. The shape of Tomak is put together, and his head turns to his right and down at the circle of light beside him. The camera moves low and in some speed over the floor, where similar sparkles and spheres appear in each and every circle. A wide shot of the entire room shows all Gatekeepers standing in each light circle - except for two empty ones, and an opening in the direction of the door. Komiri is about to sip from his drink (still in his hand) but stops when meeting Tomak’s eyes. Komiri: (mumbling) There’s still 15 minutes left. The door opens and Elisabeth Janeway is standing in the doorway. Komiri hides his drink behind his back, and she enters the room. On each side of her R2D2 and C3PO. Camilia looks at Taren and he shrugs his shoulders. Marak narrows his eyes and slowly lays his hand on his Holographic Bat'leth handle. Janeway walks over to the opening of the ring and turns toward C3PO - and he looks down at R2D2. C3PO: If you please? A small hatch opens in the robot and a small disc shaped device glided out. C3PO bends down and pick it up, and then walk into the middle of the circle. He pushes a button on the device and places it in mid air - where it stays, and then step back in the circle. Small spheres suddenly rice from the two empty light circles. UFP President Sedak and Starfleet Admiral Hawk is soon standing in the two spots. A low whispering is heard around the ring. Hawk is about to say something when Janeway raise a hand in signal for him to wait - her eyes firmly focused on the device. A few of the lights start blinking on the device and a holographic miniature of a man appears on top of it, flickering like an old TV image. Del-Mon: I am Del-Mon, Head of the new Jedi High Council. I come to you with a warning. A powerful Sith Lord beyond your imagination is on his way, bringing the ally that brought him back to life. His name…is Darth Vader. Janeway: (looking at 3CPO) Vader? 3CPO: Shhhhh Del-Mon: There are many questions to be answered, but very little time. He closes his eyes and raise his hands with his palms up and a bubble forms around him. Marak reaches for his holographic Bat’leth. C3PO: Please Sir! There is no cause for concern. Marak looks at Janeway. Janeway: Stand down! …he let go of the handle but looks worried. As his eyes catch the bubble expands like and explosion of light and wind, and moved right through the people around it. Images suddenly appear in their head. * Close up of Darth Vader's helmet turning towards the camera - Close up of Sedak's face with the camera moving slowly from the right to the left * Close up of Luke Skywalker (Martin Zetterlund) raising his light saber and toward his right shoulder and the green beam igniting. - Close up of Tomak's face with the camera still moving slowly from the right to the left * Close up of light sabers in movement - Close up of Lauren's face with the camera still moving slowly from the right to the left * The body of Darth Vader being burned on a funeral pyre. - Close up of Tarren face with the camera moving slowly from the right to the left * A close up of a beautiful young woman in an class covered coffin - sailing against a nexus in space. - Close up of Camilia face with the camera moving slowly from the right to the left * Darth Vader's helmet floating in space and a light beam hitting it Close up of Hawk's face with the camera moving slowly from the right to the left * A hand with a small needle like device picking up a tiny skin sample from the inside of the helmet. It lifts it up toward its face, and it's an long necked Kaminoan (experts in cloning) with electronic devices sticking out of most of its body. Close up of Kimiri's face looking worried! * Close up of a baby in a maturity chamber Close up of a wide eyed Marak! * The Borg Queen turning around and looking straight into the camera. The light stops in an instant and everyone gasps for air. Janeway looks shocked and freeze for a moment, before saying very calmly: Janeway: Red alert! The light in the room changes and an alarm goes off. Janeway: Tomak! I need you to locate JJ. Tomak: (Looks into the floor for a short moment) She is still on the station but is preventing me from pinpointing her location. Janeway: Find her! Tomak dissolves in small spheres that fall to the floor. Janeway: (to Marak) You've got fifteen minutes to set it up!...and Marak...if I catch you drinking that stuff again I will personally drown you in it! Marak nods and the entire group dissolve in small spheres that fall to the ground. Admiral Hawk: We need to talk! (walks toward the door) Janeway meets Sedak's eyes for a moment and the two follow him. The door swish open and the light outside is blinking read when they enter the hallway. The gentle voice on the com system keeps repeating: Com Voice: “This is NOT a drill. Please return to your quarters. This is NOT a drill….” The door closes in front of the camera and ends the scene in black. *** Act Two Sequence 1/ Scene 2 As the door from the last scene close and bring two black halves together, small stars are soon visible within the “black”. The camera pulls back and it's one of the windows of Captain Janeway’s quarters. The camera moves further back over the conference table, where Admiral Hawk is sitting with his back to the window, and with President Sedak and captain Janeway on the other side of the table - backs against the camera, but we only see one shoulder of each. Admiral Hawk: What were you thinking? Janeway looks discreetly in President Sedak's direction and then down into the table. Admiral Hawk: Are there any rules you haven’t broken? Genetically engineered species? Do you even know why they banned this in the first place? Janeway looks up at Hawk. Admiral Hawk: It wasn’t pretty, I’ll tell you. The UFP members will have a field day with this….and I got you elected in the first place. (mumbling) I'll be lucky to get a job at Ferengi Burger. Are there ANY other corners you have taken it upon yourself cutting during your last years in office? Janeway: Yes! / President Sedak: No! Admiral Hawk: Sedak? President Sedak: Well….there IS the matter of the station power source. Admiral Hawk closes his eyes. Janeway looks at Sedak and she nods. She then throws a PADD on the table in front of Hawk. He's startled by the sound the PADD makes when hitting the table in front of him. He looks at it for a while and his shoulders sink, before leaning ever so slowly over it, reading it without ever touching it. Admiral Hawk: I don't understand. Why would you build a… Janeway: Page two! Admiral Hawk lifts the PADD up, push a button, and reads page two. He then lays it very slowly on the table and stares without focus in front of him. His sweat is glistening on his forehead! Admiral Hawk: Could I have a glass of water please? Janeway: Computer, Water, Cold! A glass appears on the middle of the table (by small spheres rising in a spiral), and Hawk grabs it and drinks it all! Then sighs and set the glass back on the table. He looks at the President. President Sedak: Let us…what is the phrase….cut to the chase? (looks at Janeway).With all due respect Admiral - we are not at Starfleet Academy anymore. We are at war. The most powerful enemy this galaxy has ever encountered is back. Despite I may add reassurances that she would not - and with reinforcements. THIS little facility of yours (raise her arms with palms up) is the target. Admiral Hawk raises his shin and fills his lungs with air, but Sedak continues. President Sedak: I have come to respect and appreciate the ethics of the Fleet, but I am NOT ready to sacrifice the entire quadrant to maintain your never ending “don’t” - list, Admiral. After all - what good would your ethics be if there are no one left to live by it? Admiral Hawk: You know where I stand on this issue, Madame President. Sacrificing what makes us human to survive is not an option. There's a distinct difference between living and surviving. President Sedak: You have a five year old granddaughter, have you not, Admiral? Admiral Hawk just looks at her without answering. President Sedak: Are you prepared to look into her eyes and explain to her that she has to die for the sake of Starfleet's principles? Admiral Hawk still doesn't answer and looks down at the table. President Sedak: The Omega is the only power source capable of the shielding and fire power we will need to secure the station. As for the Gatekeepers we never added anything that was not there in the first place. We simply combined the very best from their parents. Each parent from different species. Admiral Hawk: That loop hole is so tight you couldn’t squeeze an Andorian fly through it. Computer: Incoming message from Starfleet Headquarters. Janeway looks at Sedak and they all rise from the table. Janeway: Display! A see-through half circle screen glides out of a slit in the wall and the picture of Fleet Admiral Manning appears. Admiral Manning: Well? Janeway: She’s back! Admiral Manning: (leans back in his chair) How’s that even possible? We blasted the last hive into tiny bits, Centuries ago. Janeway: Apparently she escaped through a dimensional gate. Admiral Manning: Dimensional? The Borg has never had that kind of technology.…Sedak? Even their time travel capabilities are utmost limited. Sedak: That is correct! The technology is under UFP control only, and all vessels are accounted for. We have reason to suspect that the explosion opened a gate by accident. Admiral Manning: Find it and close it! I'll have our Hot Spot sensor readings transferred to your astrometics. Captain Janeway: Yes, Sir! Admiral Manning: (to Hawk) Do you have anything else to report? Janeway looks down at the floor and Hawk looks at Sedak Admiral Hawk: No, Sir! Admiral Manning: (pauses for a while) Good! I want an update every six hours! Admiral Hawk: Yes, Sir! The picture disappears and the screen glides back into its slit. Admiral Manning looks up from his desk after pushing a button on his desk - ending the conversation. The male Betazed approaches. The Betazed: He's hiding something. They all do! The Admiral rests his head in his hand with the elbow on the table, rubbing his beard. Admiral Manning: Yes........ (looking up at him) I know! Fade to black *** Act Two Sequence 1/ Scene 3 Sound only. Marak: The information you are about to receive has a…. Fade from black. We are in the Upper Cargo Bay were all the Gatekeepers except Tomak is gathered around Marak. Marak: …security level 10. Camilia! If you please! Points toward a spot on the floor on his right side. She walks over and stands beside him. Marak: Could you face the other way please? Camilia: (suspicious) Suuure! She turns. He grabs a flat and squared metal holster on a table and pulls a flat square out of it, pushes a button on it and says… Marak: Density 5 It beeps and he holds it in front of her neck. It displays her skull, as well as a tiny object at the base of it. Marak: The black crystals can be set for six densities and will be integrated into your standard night vision monocle. As you can see there is a microscopic devise planted in her cerebellum. This is a C-lin…and you all got one. Taren: Say what? Everyone feels their neck with a hand and looks somewhat troubled. Marak: Before leaving the headquarters this morning you all got a hypo spray? Camilia: (Rubs her neck and moves back in line) With vitamins! Marak: No! A C-link is basically a Starfleet nano probe. It finds its way to the cerebellum and establishes a neural link between you and some of your new gadgets, an intra-communication net and… Tarren: So like the Borg? We can hear each other's thoughts? Janeway: Not quite. You will however be able to tune in to each other’s audio and visual senses, all monitored by the USS Lundgren. Camilia: How does it work? Marak: Say the word "C-link", and try to see the actual word in front of you. With a bit of practice the latter will suffice! Lauren: C-link……impressive. There's a small screen hovering in front of my eyes. Tries to touch it Janeway: It's an illusion only. The others say the word as well and mumbles words like…wow…hey…not bad… Marak: Now add the name of one of the other members. Camilia: C-link…Lauren…..HA! I see the back of my neck through Laurens eyes. Marak claps his hands once Camilia: (jumps a bit) It's gone! Marak: The C-link demands full concentration. Janeway: Naturally it's only active when on assignment, and can be blocked for privacy at any time. Marak looks at the President Marak: Ma'am! May I? President Sedak: (nods) Be my guest! Marak draws his phaser and shoots her, and she vanishes! Taren reaches for his phaser, and Marak shoots him as well - but this time he just freeze Janeway: Hold your horses, everyone! Marak: This may look like a standard phaser but it has a transporter buffer integrated, as well as a time delay. It is to become the new Starfleet standard issue. (looking at Tarren) He should be joining us again any moment now. Janeway removes Tarren's phaser and shortly after he starts moving again and reaches for the phaser that is no longer there. Janeway: Stand down, Tarren! She gives him back his phaser, and he's looking confused. Marak: It only lasts for a few seconds. He pushes a few buttons on the phaser and directs it toward a box on the floor and President Sedak appears again, standing on top of it. Marak: Madame President? President Sedak: You are welcome! She clicks her heals together and step off the box, but keep walking over the floor - several centimeters from the surface. She clicks them again and slowly descends. President Sedak: The souls of these shoes will with a simple click of the heels lock you in a fixed position over the surface according to the angel of your feet and the ground beneath them. They do so by measuring the gravitational pull. Looking at Marak. President Sedak: (Raising eyebrows) Would you be so kind? Marak fills his lungs with air and breath heavily in a surrendering manner, and lifts the metal holster. Marak: Yes Ma'am! Sedak pulls her hand up from behind her back and a read beam hits the holster and throws it clear of Marak's grip. President Sedak: This is a personal MiniPhaser. Lifts her hand and shows a small phaser shaped like half a knuckle iron. President Sedak: Based on a Klingon Knuckle Duster. Flip the thumb sensor up, rest your thumb on the display (small lamp is turned on) and the weapon will start working - providing it is your personal MiniPhaser, and the thumb is attached to the rest of your body. Camilia: (looks at Lauren) Eeeeeeewwww President Sedak: It has the same fire power as the old standard Starfleet Phaser set to stun and loads by movements from you arm. Push thumb display once to fire. It's an emergency phaser only. Janeway: It is! President Sedak: Excuse me? Janeway: (in Sedak's voice) You said "it's". I seldom use contractions! President Sedak: (In Janeway's Voice) Ahhh, crap! Cosmo Out! President Sedak's body changes into Janeway as do the clothes, they all turn toward the other Janeway who is on her way changing to President Sedak. President Sedak: This is the Cosmo. (loosens the straps of the black half circle device, as it's placed over her front and back like a double rucksack). It will change your appearance to any pre-programmed matrix. Lauren: May I ask how you altered your voices? President Sedak: You may notice there is a small tattoo on my neck. This is not a Vulcan trend. Komiri: (whispering to Taren) Did she just make a funny? President Sedak: It contains the latest of UFP's micro technology, and widens your natural vocal spectrum substantially. This gives you the capability to mimic any other voices or sounds - given some practice. Marak: During our mission it is essential that both hands are free at all time, which is why your scanners are redesigned. This is attached around the wrist (pulls down his sleeve), with a pin shaped scanning device pointing forward (demonstrates with his hands) and a voice controlled holo bar displaying the screen. "Scandisplay" A bracelet shaped see-through screen wraps itself around the wrist, and displays a number of control buttons. He points it at Taren, pushes a few buttons, and a list of data rolls down the screen. Marak: It is totally silent, and has a manual activation button for absolute silence during surveillance. President Sedak: This equipment, as well as a few improved Starfleet issues, is to be regarded standard equipment for all away missions. Captain Janeway: Ladies! (Throws a tiny backpack to Komiri and Taren, and keeps throwing one for each Gatekeeper) Your backpacks! Komiri: (Looks skeptically at the backpack) It's a purse! Camilia: Or not! (Pulls up a large Sniper Phaser) Janeway: The CSC - or Compact Space Container - is another result of the latest micro technology, with a RS-generator, the size of a walnut! Lauren: (To Camilia) Relative Space Technology - Right?! Camilia: Inside bigger than the outside? Captain Janeway's badge gives a small "chirp" and she turns towards the bay door which opens to each side. The android Andrew glides around the corner in great speed on a hover board. It retract into one of his booths before he slowly descend. Captain Janeway: A modified version of your gravity boots. During this mission you will be accompanied by some of our station officers: Commander Andrew, (the doctor walks around the corner)Doctor Brady.... Komiri: (To Marak) We're babysitters now? Fletcher suddenly appears just beside him in his half visible state - looking straight at Komiri. Captain Janeway: ...and Lt. Commander Fletcher. Fletcher: (To Komiri) Lieutenant! Captain Janeway: And no! You cannot have the hover board. It takes too long to master - unless you're an android. I'll rather not scrape you of a Borg Cube wall. Janeway bends down and picks up Marak's metal holster. Janeway: Andrew! She throws the metal holster of her x-ray screen straight for Komiri's face, and two red beams shoots out of Andrew's eyes and the holster incinerates. President Sedak: Phaser banks. One of several updates for our android friend. A close-up of Andrew's face shows his eyes totally red. Then they roll back in his head and are replaced with his ordinary eye color. Suddenly the red-alert sounds again and a number of small balls appear from the floor and quickly form the shape of Tomak. Tomak: HotSpot S4 just activated…As did JJ! Fade to black *** Act Two Sequence 1/ Scene 4 Fade from black. Tomak and Janeway walk through the corridor, heading for Astrometics. Tomak: They say Jane activated first. She tried assimilating her sister, but Julie ripped her probe right out of her hand. Janeway: Poor girl. She must have been horrified. Tomak: Not for long! She would have been assimilated from the inside I suppose. Woman passing them: Captain! Janeway nods: "Lieutenant" Janeway: Where is she now? Tomak: She assimilated five of the security guards as well as Johnson from technical and tapped into the… Janeway: Commander!!! Where is she now? Tomak: That is what I am trying to say. We do not know! Janeway sighs and looks annoyed. Tomak: Sneaking up on a telepath is not easy? Janeway: And if they find her? Tomak: She will have all our basic technology downloaded and integrated in her defenses. We would need the element of surprise. They stop. Only Janeway is visible as Tomak is hidden behind a corridor corner, but his shadow is visible on the wall beside Janeway. Janeway: Take her down yourself! Tomak: Yes, Ma'am! The shadow of Tomak dissolves into small falling spheres. Janeway turns and face the door to Astrometics. It opens in front of her and President Sedak's voice is heard from inside. Sedak: …for a long time. This was finally solved by placing… Janeway walks in. President Sedak is standing in front of the Gatekeeper team in a half circle around her, with a large screen on the wall - displaying graphics as she explains. President Sedak: …a large number of subspace sensors - often referred to as Hot Spots - in the centre of every single sector of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. According to Starfleet Command the alarm went off in Sub quadrant S, Section grid 4, Sector Quad 02, Sector block 205, and Sector 54. The screen zooms in on each part of the grid as she presents them. Janeway: Do we know where they're headed? President Sedak: Yes! The subspace radiation from the ship is setting off every hot spot on its way. They are heading straight for The Gatekeeper. Janeway: Any specifications? President Sedak: Not as of yet! But the size of the ship is that of a large moon. Marak's eyes are widening and he stares at the president. Tareni: (Turns toward Komiri) That can't be good! Komiri: You think? President Sedak: On the positive side the fabric of space and time in our galaxy is too dense for the ship's hyper drive technology to work. Otherwise they would be right on top of us. Janeway: That's always something. They would have to rely on warp technology with a maximum between 9 and 10. That will take them…at least a week to reach our station. Am I right? The doors open and Doctor Brady walks in. He seems a bit intimidated by the Gatekeepers on each side but walks straight over to President Sedak and hands her a computer chip, and a small box. President Sedak: (Looks at Janeway) Presume nothing, Captain….Walk with me! She crosses the floor toward the door and Janeway follows her out. The doctor is suddenly aware of being left alone with the Gatekeepers and looks very uncomfortable. No one says anything. They all stare at him. Doctor Brady: I've never been here before………………….It's nice! A sudden "chirping" sound makes him turn, and we are looking at Janeway outside the large glass wall of the Marine Biosphere, with several dolphins gliding past her on the inside. President Sedak standing beside her. *** Act Two Sequence 1/ Scene 5 Janeway: You found her? Cut to Andrew in one of the Blue Wings (Private Quarters) Andrew: I found HIM! Looking over at a terrified girl in a doorway of a private quarter, and down on the floor in front of the door, at a puddle of slime with a flower bouquet floating in the middle. Janeway: (Nodding at Sedak. She nods back and leaves) Great, that's exactly what we need right now! Have maintenance clean it up, and ask Doctor Brady to clone another one. Then meet me outside Biosphere 2. Andrew: Yes, Ma'am! (Looks at the girl in the doorway) Everything is under control, Miss! Please return to your quarters. Camera circling Andrew as he speaks to the girl - exposing JJ standing behind him with her Borg probes entering his neck. The moment the doors close, her probes retract and Andrew collapses on the floor. Her head barely nodding to one side (small electronic sound) and she disappears in a heap of small balls falling to the ground. At the Marine Biosphere Captain Janeway is looking into the Biosphere at the dolphins swimming by. We are watching her back and a large number of balls rising from the floor - forming a shape that is out of focus so far. Janeway: I've been expecting you JJ. JJ looks at her without answering. JJ: Captain Janeway! Resistance is futile! JJ raises her arm and her probes instantly penetrate Janeway's neck and then retract again. Janeway looks at her while the probes moves under the skin in her face. Then she smiles and spit out a number of very small silver coloured metal particles which hit the floor with small metallic "pings", before changing her shape into the Gatekeeper Camilia. Camilia: Shape shifters don't really assimilate that easily JJ. JJ show no expressions at all and makes a short nod to one of the sides with her head (small electronic sound). Nothing happens. Camilia: That's right. The moment you arrived the transporters went off line. Tapping into Andrew's C-link was not one of your best ideas…given that he hasn't got one. You're getting sloppy JJ. JJ turns around and Janeway is standing behind her with a Starfleet Phaser. Tomak at her side. Janeway: I'm sorry JJ, but you were right! As your queen will soon discover - resistance is indeed futile. She fires the Phaser and JJ vanishes. The phaser transporter cartage lights up and Janeway removes it and hands it to Tomak. Janeway: Keep her stored in the mobile buffer. Tomak nods and leave, and Camilia walks up to Janeway Camilia: Are you certain, Captain? Janeway: Lieutenant? Camilia: That it's futile I mean? Janeway doesn't answer! Camilia: The other ones been speculating…the robot claims Darth Vader's power is a nine. Janeway: That's right! Camilia: So….where’s Tomak on that scale? Janeway breathes and look down into the floor. Janeway: He's a six! Camilia looks shocked for a moment, and then put her hand on Janeway's arm. Camilia: We'll find a way, Ma'am! She leaves and the camera zooms in on Janeway's face and then fades to black. ***
  24. Akt 1 har nu varit presenterat i en vecka här i tråden och är nu redigerat bort! Akt 2 (del 1 av 2) ligger ute tills nästa söndag innan vi tar den bort! Motivet är att få feedback på vad som funkar eller inte, men postas inga sånna kommentarer kommer postering av Akt 2 (del 2 av 2) och Akt 3 inte att prioriteras.
  25. Om du väntar att vi köper in kompositörer och stora symfoniorkesters för att göra det "bästa du har hört", så tror jag möjligtvis att du har glömt att detta är en fanfilm! hehe ;) Däremot har Justin gjort musik för reklamkampanjerna för Harry Potter, The Hulk, The Mummy och en massa andra storfilmer och serier, så vi litar på att han kan göra en maffig Gatekeeper theme för oss!
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