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  1. The original DVD's non-anamorphic, letterboxed widescreen video was framed at an aspect ratio of about 2.0:1, meaning that you're seeing a little more on the top and bottom of the frame. How is this possible? According to the IMDB, the film's original theatrical aspect ratio was 2.35:1, but it was shot in Super 35 format. For this DVD release, the new anamorphic transfer is again framed at about 2.0:1, so that when watching on a properly calibrated anamorphic display (of aspect 1.78:1), the image completely fills the screen. There are no slight black bars, as there would be on a true 2.35 formatted transfer. This is obviously deliberate, the result of the director's own preference for the film's home video presentation (no doubt one of the reasons Super 35 was chosen in the first place). So there's no need to get upset and starting complaining to the studio - the transfer here is exactly the way the film should be presented on DVD.
  2. När denna film kom ut på laser disc var formatet 2.35:1. På den sensate 2 DVD utgåvan har dom av någon konstig anledning ändrat formatet till 2.00:1, i praktiken nästan till 1.85:1. Kan någon svara mig varför dettta skett?
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