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Star Trek Online utsett till det bästa nätrollspelet som släpps nästa år


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Sajten Zam.com valde igår Star Trek Online till det bästa nätrollspelet som visades upp på Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) för några veckor sedan. Men inte nog med det Star Trek Online vann också titeln som det mest nyskapande.

Så här lyder Zam.coms motivering för bästa spel på PAX:

"Star Trek Online brings so many fresh ideas to the table we had to play it twice. The gameplay is exciting, strategic and promises to be the MMO that Star Trek fans have been waiting for. Cryptic Studios has given players the ability to embark on a journey across the cosmos as part of either the Federation or the Klingon Empire. Where STO really shines is in its innovative ideas: such as Episodic Content and Bridge Officer system."

Zam.coms motivering för mest nyskapande spel:

"Kirk felt that when he died, he'd die alone. After all, what is a Captain without his crew? Gameplay focuses around a crew of bridge officers that can level up with your main character and specialize in various roles will offer a unique twist to the MMORPG genre. In STO, you're never really alone, be it in space or on a strange planet surface. Kudos to Cryptic for introducing one of the coolest gameplay ideas we've seen!"

Zam.com inriktar sig på nätrollspel och har över 500 000 registrerade användare.


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