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Orci: "Spock är baserad på mitt liv"


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Manusförfattaren Roberto Orci baserade Spock i Star Trek-filmen på sitt eget liv, skriver han på Trekmovie.

Orci som föddes i Mexico och flyttade som barn till USA, skriver följande (som svar på en fråga från en postare på sidan om han skulle basera något ur nästa film på sitt eget liv):

I used that very technique on first one to track the life of Spock, who was born to parents from different cultures, as I was, and who was raised on a different planet, much as I was raised in a different country, faced racism, like I did, and had to learn the language and customs of his adoptive culture (Earth, the Federation), as I had to learn English and the ways of the USA.

Inspiration also derived from my mothers family, who were exiled from Cuba when Castro took over. Her home, in a sense, destroyed by a single figure. And my grandfather on Dads side was Diplomat, like Spocks father.

My dad expected a much more serious career for me at first. When I dropped out of college (Vulcan Science Academy) to pursue a writing career (movie Starfleet) he did not think it was logical.


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