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Dan Curry om hur han designade klingonernas bat’leth

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Dan Curry berättar nu hur han designade det klingonska vapnet bat´leth, som bland annat Worf använder sig flitigt av i TNG och DS9.

Så här säger han till Crushable:

"I had been imagining this weapon for a long time. I made a foam core version bat´leth. I went to Rick Baker [star Trek's makeup artist] and said we need something unique, fresh. I showed him this thing I wanted to design something ergonomically appropriate. Dennis Madalone, our stunt coordinator, at first wasn´t cool with the idea. Then he became an evangelist convert after showed him what I had in mind.

It was modeled after a Chinese fighting crescent. Now it´s become one of the iconic images associated with the show. Even last week i got an email from some guy showing video of him demonstrating it."

Curry arbetade med att designa visuella effekter och props för Star Trek under 18 år. Numera arbetar han med tv-serien Chuck.


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