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Kvinnan bakom saltmonstret i The Man Trap talar ut


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I dag den 8 september sändes det första avsnittet av Star Trek 1966. Alltså som vi alla vet för exakt 50 år sedan.

Men vad få vet är att rollen som saltmonstret i The Man Trap spelades av Sandra Gimpel.


Gimpel, som numera är 77 år, har en lång karriär som stuntwoman i Hollywood och hade även en roll som en talosian i den allra första Star Trek-piloten The Cage. I en intervju med Startrek.com berättar hon om arbetet med Star Trek och hennes karriär i stort. Nedan följer ett utdrag ur intervjun med fokus på The Man Trap.


What was your reaction when you saw this costume? It's so ugly.

I know. I know. It was kind of funny to me. I enjoyed all that crazy stuff anyway, so…

Did you talk to Wah Chang, who created the costume, about it?

I think I did. I think so, because he was there with the costumes. The hard part about the costume was you couldn't see, because you had no peripheral vision, and then you couldn't look down. When you're walking towards your mark, you couldn't see your mark on the floor, where to stop, because the nose was in the way.

How hot was it?

It was hot and heavy. But the nice thing about that particular costume was you could take the head off.

What do you remember of your director, Marc Daniels? He needed a performance. He wasn’t just directing a stunt person.

Yep, and I had studied acting when I went to college. I took Theater Arts. At that time, L.A. City College was "the" prime place to go for theater. So, I had done a lot of acting. I did a lot of impromptu classes and stuff like that. So when he started telling me what to do, and I didn’t have any troubles. I could listen and do what he said. We rehearsed two or three times, to make sure I could hit my mark in costume. We did it without the head on, so I knew where I was going. And it worked out fine.

How did you enjoy working with William Shatner?

Oh, it was great. I mean, it was hard for me, because here was this star, and I had to put me hands all over him, all over his face, with these suction cups. But it worked out fine. He was a good scene partner. When they did the reverse shots, he was there, and some actors aren't.

This was one job among the many you had done. When did you realize that your appearance had started to take on a life of its own?

I didn’t realize until this 50th anniversary, if you want to know the truth. I had no idea.




[ Till originalnyheten ]

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