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"I'm a doctor, not a ---"


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"I'm not programed to play games"

"If he won't play pool with you and he won't make love to me then as far as I'm conserned he can mop the floor"

"Do you see these hands?, these are surgeons hands, created with the most sofisticated computer imagingteknology avalable. The do not play games and they do not mop floors!"

"Then you are fired, I will find a new bartender!"

"I really wish you would"

Voy 2:6 "Twisted"

"one humanoide is pretty much the same as another from aholographic point of view"

"I'm a doctor not a counterinsergent"(med reservationer för felstavning)

Voy 3:1 "Basics part II"

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I boken The Return minns kirk att Bones sa: I´m a doctor, not a bricklayer!

Vad det nu betyder...

Och jag har hört den låten. Tror jag har den. Den är verkligen bra!

Detär om jag inte missminner mig ifrån TOS-avsnittet "Devil in the Dark", där de "murar" igen ett "sår" på en kiselbaserad varelse...

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