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Bakula pratar om möjliga framtida berättelser

Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) berättade nyligen i en intervju med Star Trek Monthly om möjliga Enterprise berättelser.
"You have to think that at some point, if we’re around long enough, that there’s going to be another Starship. We’ve had a conversation about it at one point, that there may be more ships in the works. The Vulcan’s are obviously hesitant for us to send any more out. But there’s this sense of progression that’s happening here, and the experience and knowledge that we’re garnering is pointing us toward the beginnings of a Federation. This will be fantastic to be involved in. But [the producers] have not enlightened me as to how, when, or if that will happen."

Det finns även möjlighet till berättleser om Archers familj:
"We know that he died, but we don’t know how he died. We haven’t heard a thing about my mother yet, or if I have any siblings."

Om Enterprise går lika länge som de andra serierna så finns det säkert en hel del bra berättelser att berätta:
"I think the luxury we have here is that because they feel they have a fair amount of time to get these stories told, they don’t have to do it all in the first season, which gives you stuff to do later…There’s still a lot of good stuff for us to get into."

Hela intervjun finns att läsa i den 100:e utgåvan av Star Trek Monthly. Delar av den finns hos Sci-Fi Pulse.

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