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Star Trek-nyheter från Berman

Rick Berman informerar i den senaste utgåvan av "Star Trek: Monthly" om vad som händer i Star Trek universumet.
Berman pratade om Manny Coto som blir ny skribent och producent till serien:
"I could not be more delighted. He's a major prospect for us. Along with Chris Black, Brannon [Braga] and myself, he'll be one of our co - executive producers. He's done a lot of writing and producing and also some directing. His last show was actually Odyssey 5, which I thought was a very, very interesting show."

Han berättade även lite om avsnittet "Exile" (sänds 15/10):
"How can I describe it? It's sort of a Beauty and the Beast episode. We have a telepathic creature that has made contact with Hoshi [Linda Park]. He has the ability to telepathically delve into Hoshi's mind, basically because of her immense communicative skills ..."

Berman fick även frågan om det kommer att bli en 11:e Star Trek-film:
"Does Paramount want to do another movie? I'm sure they do. As far as when, we have not begun to consider that yet. As far as who or what the film would be about, I don't have an instinct yet. It's far too premature for me to make an assumption about that. Sorry."

Mer från intervjun finns hos Sci Fi Pulse.

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