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Shatner om dagens Star Trek

William Shatner berättar i en intervju med Astrobiology Magazine vad han tycker om dagens Star Trek och mer.
Fråga: What do you think Gene Rodenberry would think about his creation now and what, if anything, could the producers do to improve the current product?

William Shatner: Unfortunately, the current product seems to have come to an end, which would be of no end of grief to Gene. I think perhaps the producers missed the essentials of Star Trek - that is, the colorful characters in conflict with each other and the outer world.

Fråga: What life lessons did you learn from creating and acting the persona of Captain James T. Kirk?

William Shatner: How to memorize ten pages in a day; how to stay alert for eighteen hours at a time; how to focus my forces when I needed them.

Fråga: Has your opinion of Star Trek:The Motion Picture changed with the director's version?

William Shatner: No, it didn't change too much. I thought it a little long and it got longer.

Läs hela intervjun här.

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