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Sternbach pratar om NX-01 & Nemesis-logon

En av de mest slående bilderna i 'Nemesis' är den Romulanska höken, som finns med på film-logon. Rick Sternbach (Senior Illustrator) berättar här varför de uppdaterade den Romulanska-logon för filmen:
"The original warbird logo developed for the Next Generation, while strange and spooky and alien, was also considered too indistinct as an identifying symbol of the Romulan Star Empire, and so I was asked to submit a new look.
A number of mounting schemes were being discussed, from being bolted to a wall to hanging over the senate chamber (the method eventually chosen), but in any case the final sculpture of the bird would be more or less vertical. We gathered references of eagle, hawk, and condor photography, use of eagle symbols in German, Roman, and U.S. armed forces graphics, and even the underbody pattern from the TOS Romulan cruiser. I developed the chiseled, stylized look from a combination of 1930s German eagle political and advertising depictions, with a dash of the naturalistic alien structures, the feather shapes from the TOS cruiser, and what appeared as horns in the TNG logo to tie the new symbol to previous incarnations."

Sternbach har varit med och designat flera skepp och stationer i Star Trek, t.ex. DS9-stationen, Enterprise-E, Voyager m.fl. Vad tycker han om Enterprise NX-01 då?
"As to the NX-01, with the approvals process and the marching orders Doug and John Eaves undoubtedly had to follow -- re: the identifiable Akira hull structures -- the result is a decent looking vehicle, just not for the show's time period. I could see the design as something to come *after* the TOS Enterprise, not before, despite the producers' high RPM spin about the updating of the look and feel for a hip new audience and the comments about the visual inspiration of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning. The deflector hardware, the aztec hull plating, the rapid "upgrading" of weapons systems to almost Voyager levels of technology feels totally anachronistic, which is somewhat amusing given the temporal cold war thread of the series. Would that they had made something of an SF connection between the ship design and the storyline; *that* would have been original and clever."

Du kan läsa hela intervjun hos TrekWeb, där han berättar om andra böcker och filmer m.m.

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