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Linda Park gillar att bli överraskad

Linda Park som spelar Hoshi Sato i Enterprise vet inte riktigt vad som kommer att hända med hennes karaktär under säsong 2 och det är så hon vill ha det:
"We've only been back for a week, so I haven't really talked to Brannon [Braga]. I have talked to some of the writers, and they've told me what's coming up, just in the near future, just the next couple of episodes, not for the whole season."
berättade hon i en intervju, hon lade även till:
"I like to be surprised. I've talked to the writers about where I'm at, but they don't know either. That's their work. They're figuring it out as they go along. They have a good idea of the major points they want to hit, but within that, there's a lot of room to come up with spontaneous ideas or to try things out and see if that's a direction they want to go."

Original artikeln finns hos Sci-Fi Wire.

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