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Manny Coto om sina planer för säsong 4

Manny Coto intervjuades nyligen i tidningen TV Zone. Där han pratade om vilka planer han har för Enterprise säsong 4 och om att Kirk möjligen dyker upp i serien. Nedan är några utdrag från intervjun:
"I'm now an executive producer and basically running the writers' room. The latter involves me coming up with and developing stories as well as deciding on the general direction of this season. I'm working with [Series Creators] Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, both of whom are serving in an overall supervisory capacity."

"I have a very simple goal this year, and that is to make it Enterprise's best season yet. I want the show to fulfil its promise as a Star Trek prequel, which means creating stories that tie Enterprise in with the Trek universe as a whole. To do that, I'll use themes and even characters from earlier Trek shows, mainly the original, and build upon those already-established foundations."

"There's still a question of whether or not the Kirk thing will happen. If it does, though, the episode will be written by Judith and Gar Reeves-Stevens, who've joined us this season as story editors. I don't want to give any spoilers away, but, trust me, it's a really cool idea."

Mer från denna intervju kan läsas hos The Great Link.

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