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Bakula spoilar säsong 2

TrekWeb har intervjuat Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer), i intervjun så berättar Bakula om sina förväntningar, erfarenheter och berättar lite om de första avsnitten i säsong 2.
"The contact that I’ve had with fans has been terrific. It’s from the very casual—the cab driver the other day on the road who honked his horn, I looked over, he saluted me and drove on—to the pilot who’s getting on the plane saying ‘you’re my favorite captain’ and it’s like ‘wait, you’re a real captain!’ I haven’t sat down with any long, in-depth conversations with fans. But I have friends who tell me what their friends are saying: ‘We hate the dog, we want you to kick some ass, we want you to kick the Vulcans’ ass!’ People are always compelled to give you their opinions so I get a lot of feedback even though I haven’t been out there much."

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