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Jeffrey Combs pratar om Enterprise

I utgåva #123 av Star Trek Magazine intervjuas Jeffrey Combs. Combs har gjort flera stora gästroller i Star Trek, bla som Weyoun i DS9 och Shran i ENT.
Han sade följande om sin roll som andorianen Shran:
"I loved Shran, I loved his edge. I just loved the notion of taking the Andorians, how they started out on Star Trek: The Original Series with their big, fat clay antennae and their albino Beatles wigs, and giving them this edge, too. I looked at the Andorians as a proud and sort of repressed people, because science fiction is always a metaphor for today or yesterday and for what’s going on in the world. These Andorians have deep feelings of injustice and a certain amount of rage about it. So in playing Shran I took on this Jimmy Cagney little tough guy motif and, hopefully, that worked for people."

När det gäller nerläggningen av Enterprise så hade han följande att säga:
"Star Trek has been around for nearly 40 years. Enterprise didn’t get the run it deserved, but I don’t think that’s the end of Star Trek. There will be more movies. There will be more series. Maybe people have had enough of it for right now, but there’s something about Star Trek that will always be special, that people will always love, and when the time is right, when the hunger for it returns, it will be back."

Läs mer hos Sci Fi Pulse.

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