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Award från Ex Astris Scientia

Vi har belönats med en award från Ex Astris Scientia. Ex Astris Scientia är en av de bästa Star Trek-sidorna som finns och vi tackar för priset och de fina orden nedan:
This sounds Swedish, and it is Swedish. Star Trek Databas is a website that I am absolutely impressed with. The site has been around for a couple of years now, and it is my fault that I rediscovered it only lately (actually while I was checking out some older bookmarks). The content is divided into well thought-out sub-menus on characters (Karaktärer), episodes (Avsnitt), ships, races, weapons, etc. (Databas), pics, sounds and desktops (Multimedia), toys (Leksaker), books (Litteratur) and conventions (Kongress). Each of these sections contains a wealth of information, well-researched and convincingly presented. In addition, the site features almost daily Trek news, as well as a very busy message board (if we consider the number of Swedish speakers). If there is anything that is not perfect at Star Trek Databas, it has to be the spelling, because this is the only thing I didn't know how to verify.

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