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I tanke på att jag alltid är oftast steget efter i Star Trek världen itanke på att jag inte kollar så myucket på startrek.com eller läser tidningar, så läste jag en intervju med Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) om en elfte Star trek film, för er som inte har läst den här korta intervjun så är det bara att njuta några rader.

A few months ago, word began circulating that Alias/Lost creator and Mission: Impossible III director J.J. Abrams was going to be taking over the reigns--at least in a production role--of the "Star Trek" movie franchise, which ground to a halt after 2002's Star Trek: Nemesis.

When ComingSoon.net had a chance recently to speak with Patrick Stewart, we had to ask him what he thought about the resurrection of the franchise and the chances of seeing Captain Luc Picard's return.

"Well, it's very possible you know as much as I do about this," Stewart said with a smile. "I got an astonishing call from my agency in Hollywood saying that Paramount are very interested in looking again at the franchise. It was killed it off when Sherry Lansing was in charge, and now everything has changed. The whole creative and business side of the studio has undergone a huge transformation and apparently, Abrams is a huge fan of Star Trek, the original one and the Next Generation. I have not heard one mention that this would in any way involve the Next Generation, so I think it would be unlikely."

Since it's been over three years since Star Trek: Nemesis, we wondered whether Stewart missed playing Picard. "Well, as an actor who is going to spend the next year in the Royal Shakespeare Company, I certainly appreciate the franchise because it helps to underwrite my fairly modest income from the RSC," he admitted. "All my life I've been attracted to the idea of ensemble. When I left school, I worked for 18 months with a company in Sheffield. Then, I worked for a year in Manchester, then for two years in Bristol, then fifteen years with the RSC. I've always been drawn to this idea or working with a body of people where you have a continuity of work, you know one another, there's an intimacy, there's an openness. So in a way, being in a franchise is a little bit like that. It certainly was with Next Generation and it's becoming so [with 'X-Men']. So about Star Trek I'm very ambivalent. It's a love affair that I've been able to let go of. You don't want to put yourself back into any painful situation, but I'm very interested to see what Abrams and the studio come up with."

As are we all.

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