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Wil Wheaton inte inbjuden till Star Trek-jubileet


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Wil Wheaton som spelade Wesley Crusher i TNG blev inte inbjuden till specialkonventet med anledning av Star Treks 40-årsdag. Han är dock inte särskilt förkrossad över detta. Han verkar vara bland de mycket få som faktiskt inte bjöds in till evenemanget.

"I mentioned earlier this week that I wasn't invited to the "official" 40th anniversary celebration convention. A couple of years ago, I would have been really upset by that, but though I've looked for those emotions this week, they simply aren't there. I think it's partially because there's so much more to my life now than just Star Trek, but mostly because I don't need an "official" platform or convention to celebrate and honor the legacy and memory of such a huge part of my life. I'll have my tribute to Star Trek a little later today."

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