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Orci avslöjar processen hur manusförfattarna valde skurk i Into Darkness


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Manusförfattaren Roberto Orci hade hårda debatter med sin kollega Damon Lindelof om vem som skulle vara Into Darkness skurk. I en intervju med Startrek.com berättar han om hur valet gick till.


Så här säger han (varning för den som inte har sett filmen!):

OK, I’ll do a deep dive with you. In a way, (fellow co-writer and co-producer) Damon (Lindelof) and I were the biggest debaters about this. He argued for Khan from the beginning and I argued against it. The compromise that we came to was, let us devise a story that is not reliant on any history of Star Trek. So, what’s the story? Well, we have a story where our crew is who they are and they’re coming together as a family. Then, suddenly, this villain arrives and his motivations are based on what happens in the movie. They’re not based on history. They’re not based on Star Trek. They’re not based on anything that came before. They’re based on his used by a corrupted system of power that held the things he held dear against him and tried to manipulate him. That story stands alone with or without Star Trek history. That’s how we approached it, and God bless Damon for going down that road.


Grantland.com publicerade för några dagar sedan en intervju med Lindelof där han ger sin syn på skurkvalet. Den läser du här.


Källa Källa 2


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