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Nya Star Trek Beyond-trailern kritiseras hårt

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Star Trek Beyonds första trailer får hård kritik på nätet. Felaktigt musikval, ser ut som Guardians of the Galaxy och att actionscenerna inte imponerar på samma sätt som i de två senaste filmerna är några omdömen.


Peter Bright, som skriver för Ars technia, tycker att filmen verkar ha mycket slagsmål, men lite science fiction. Han kritiserar också att trailerns första humoristiska scen med Scotty inte bådar gott:

That musical introduction also suggests that Scotty is still going to be a comedy character. I don't mind when action movies have jokes, but they need to be naturalistic. The comedy should derive from the situations the characters find themselves in and their in-character reactions to those situations. But that kind of writing is hard, so instead directors opt for outright comedic characters, people whose purpose is simply to make jokes. Hell is breaking loose and they're there just cracking jokes. 

Internet Movie Databases forum är de flesta användarna också kritiska och vissa känner sig till och med inte lockade att se filmen. Under trailern på Paramounts Youtube-kanal rasar en strid i kommentatorsfältet om huruvida trailern är bra eller dålig. Men just nu är det flest negativa kommentarer. Här är några:

"First 2 Star Treks: Dramatic turning points with meaningful plots and character development. This One: A cartoon. Literally could slap this on Cartoon Network and it's the equivalent of what this looks like.


Why are they making a comedy? Looks like crap! Bring J.J Back.


Music ruins it.


i really dont want to judge but that made no sense and dosent even look like the jj version of trek


Why would JJ Abrams take this job when he already has Star Wars to worry about? Movie seems rushed


Opinion on the trailer: I know that "Sabotage" was in the 2009 film, but it really doesn't need to be in the trailer. All it did was make the film seem less than Star Trek. Opinion on the film from what I could see in the trailer: Looks good. Having the crew be stuck on a planet without a ship is interesting and it doesn't look like it is rehashing Wrath of Khan (seriously, the writing on Into Darkness, agh)."

Antalet som gillar trailern utifrån tummen upp- och tummen ned-funktionen visar dock att betydligt fler gillar den än ogillar den.

Just nu har drygt 20 000 klickat tummen upp, medan tummen ned står på drygt 8000.




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