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Scen som förklarade Kes och Neelix uppbrott filmades men visades inte


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Ethan Phillips, som spelade Neelix i Voyager, avslöjade häromdagen att det fanns en filmad scen mellan honom och Jennifer Lien, Kes, som handlade om deras figurers uppbrott från varandra. Det berättade han i podcasten Delta Flyers, skriver Trekmovie.com.


Scenen skall ha filmats under den tredje säsongen, men av oklar orsak så sändes den aldrig. Så här berättar han:


“…we did do a scene where we both acknowledge that we’re not a couple anymore. We shot it in the science lab, which was a set we didn’t use often. And Kes and I had a closure conversation where we said we want to be friends now and blah, blah, blah. And it was, it was quite a nice tag to the relationship. They never aired it…

…it was it was a very good scene. It was easily as six or seven-page scene where we track what happened to us and what we think might have caused the split, but that we want to stay friends…”




[ Till originalnyheten ]

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