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Premiär för Foundation


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I dag släpps de två första avsnitten i Apple Tv+:s satsning att filmatisera Isaac Asimovs Stiftelseböcker. Bokserien som heter Foundation på engelska har länge ansetts vara en av sf-världens bättre verk. Recensionerna för tv-serien med samma namn är dock blandade.


Variety skriver följande:

In taking on material as wide-ranging as Asimov’s — which spans generations, millennia and entire galaxies — “Foundation” had its work cut out for it. And yes, as someone who came into the show relatively cold, the sheer scope of it was absolutely daunting. So it’s remarkable, really, that the drama is immediately organized enough that its frequent jumps through time and space rarely confuse. Instead, in just a few episodes, “Foundation” quickly makes the case for being one of TV’s most expansive sci-fi epics with smart world-building, sweeping directing, and lush visuals that differentiate every timeline with finesse. 


Brittiska The Guardian ger serien 3 stjärnor utav 5, och skriver: 

With a huge budget, a starry cast including Jared Harris and explosive interplanetary plot, this new sci-fi epic wants to be taken seriously. What a shame it feels so earnest and ropey.


Mashable är mycket positiv till serien efter att ha sett hela säsongen redan:

I can't speak to which is better, but having watched the entire first season of Foundation I can confidently say I'm a big fan of this take. I hope it gets to play out in full; Goyer has said there's a Game of Thrones-topping 80 hours in min That's staggeringly ambitious for any modern TV series, and especially one that's as expensive as this one seems to be, but Apple has seen enough success with TV+ at this point that it at least seems possible.


Gizmodo är dock mycket negativa till att serien avviker från böckernas handling:

Making a 10-episode season out of about 100 pages of text is an act of lunacy on par with turning The Hobbit into three movies. So much needs to be added to fill out these episodes, which feel so much longer than the hour they generally run.


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