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Alexander Enberg (Vorik) har fått en stroke.


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Sökte men hittade inget om det så jag startar denna tråd om att Alexander Enberg som spelade Vorik i Star Trek Voyager har fått en massiv stroke och föll i koma vid endast 41 års ålder. Detta var i maj 2013. Han har vaknat upp ur koman men är tydligen svårt hjärnskadad.

Alexanders pappa Dick Enberg är en känd sportskommentator och i en artikel om honom från 26 september 2014 står det:



Dick's son Alex has played a Vulcan in two different Star Trek series. He was a gifted actor who performed on stage at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, drawing rave reviews from other members of the company. Every bit as much of a fan, Dick would drive up to Los Angeles whenever possible to watch Alex ignite the crowd, often telling him that he was so quick and funny that he should pursue a career in stand-up.


Dick doesn't make those suggestions anymore. Alex, 42, had a brain hemorrhage 16 months ago and will never be the same. According to Alex's older brother, Andrew, basic communication is now "a constant game of charades." He can still tell Dick "I love you," but he can't say much else. The saddest part is that Alex understands his plight. He knows he's trapped in his body and alone with his thoughts.


Mycket tragiskt. Gillade verkligen hans karaktär Vorik.



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