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Braga om MACOs och Dae Kim som Corporal Chang

Brannon Braga pratade nyligen om "Military Assualt Command Operations" (MACO) i en intervju med den engelska tidningen Dreamwatch:
"They are semi recurring characters. We want some new cool stuff on the ship. I've always thought our security forces on Star Trek looked a little lame - these guys running around in Starfleet uniforms with little pistols. I always thought it was kind of goofy. I think there's something interesting about having these solders on board. We can use them to highlight regular characters, because there's some inherent conflict to be had in it. Having them around will allow us to do some cool stuff on an action level, which will be evidenced in the first episode."

"These are not people we will see week after week and have to develop and highlight. That's not to say that one or two of them might not catch on, but they're here to service our regulars, not to supplant them."

Daniel Dae Kim som spelar en av de återkommande MACO-karaktärerna, Corporal Chang, kommer att vara med i de första avsnitten i säsong 3, sade följande i sin intervju:
"He's a Marine type who is sent to protect the Enterprise and its crew. I play part of a team called MACO - Military Assault Command Operations. So we're not part of the crew Par se, but we are on the ship and we're there to help out."

"So far, I've interacted with a lot with Hoshi, Linda Park's character, and Trip, Connor Trinneer's character, and Scott Bakula [Captain Archer], of course. We have a scene with [Dominic Keating's] Reed in the episode we're shooting now. I think we'll be interacting with everybody."

Kim kunde inte säga så mycket om vilka vapen MACOs kommer att använda:
"I don't think I'm allowed to go into specifics, but lots of rifles and guns - all sorts of neat toys."

Mer från Bragas intervju hittar du här och mer från Kims här.

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