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Mayweather och "Minefield"

Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) berättade nyligen för Sci Fi Wire lite om vad som händer med hans karaktär i det kommande avsnittet "Minefield":
"That's a really, really great flying episode for Travis. Travis has to steer the Enterprise through a live minefield. And there's a mine attached to the ship.

That was a lot of fun for me to do, a lot of fun for me to do. It was incredible to shoot and really intense. It's my favorite episode for Travis so far this season and maybe going back to last season. I'm at [my post], and any shaking that was done was minor. We [the actors] did some shaking, and the camera did some shaking—but what are we talking about? Travis didn't hit any of the mines! Of course not. You don't have to worry about that. He pilots that thing nicely, if I can speak on behalf of Travis, as only I can."

Original artikeln finns hos Sci Fi Wire

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