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Förhandsläsning av ny Star Trek-bok

Boken Star Trek Destiny #1: Gods of Night, som ges ut i oktober 2008, kan nu förhandsläsas här på databasen. Hela kapitel 3, som tidigare getts ut hos, finns nu att läsa här på Star Trek Databas. Håll till godo, men var beredd på rejäla spoilers.




Chapter 3


Commander Christine Vale sat in the captain's chair of the Starship Titan, stared at the main viewer, and let her thoughts drift in the endless darkness beyond the stars.


A soft murmur of daily routines surrounded her, enveloped her in its familiar cadence of synthetic tones and hushed voices. Titan was more than two thousand light-years past the Vela OB2 Association, a dense cluster of new stars that had proved rich in spaceborne life-forms and other wonders. Now the ship was deep into a vast expanse of space that was unmapped and appeared to be unpopulated and untraveled, as well. For the past few weeks, intensive scans for subspace signal traffic had turned up naught but the scratch of cosmic background radiation. This far from the Vela cluster, cosmozoan activity was sparse, and there had been no sign of other starships within a range of twenty-five light-years since leaving the OB2 Association.




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